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Coronavirus (COVID‑19) Policy

We take COVID-19 very seriously, here's how we keep our clients safe

Updated October 2020

Client Safety

At Kershaw Chauffeur Services (KCS) our commitment to the safety of our clients will always be our highest priority. At this current time we have identified COVID-19 poses a high risk to the welfare of our clients and due to this we have taken additional measures beyond our current exceptionally high standards in order to provide the safest possible environment.

The KCS management team are constantly monitoring the current state of this virus and the advice given by HM Government, Public Health England and any other health organisations. This document is an updated version to the March 2020 policy.

Current Measures (Beyond Usual Standards)

  • Enhanced cleaning of each vehicle and the end of every service with the use of antibacterial products. This includes all areas that will come into human contact.
  • Anti-Bacterial hand sanitisers will be provided for clients & chauffeurs for each journey.
  • KCS Chauffeurs to update the management team after every booking in order to raise any issues or concerns.
  • KCS Chauffeurs will advise the management team if any symptoms of the virus are apparent. This chauffeur will be immediately removed from any bookings and advised to self isolate.
  • KCS Chauffeurs will ensure they have washed or sanitised their hands immediately prior to greeting any clients and again at the end of the interaction with each client.
  • One use disposable face coverings will be provided for all clients and it is mandatory for face coverings to be worn at all times. KCS chauffeurs will be provided with personal issue face coverings.
  • No physical contact/greeting to be made with clients such as handshakes.
  • Any used client face coverings will be removed by the KCS Chauffeur using protective gloves and disposed of immediately after use.
  • Protective gloves will also be provided for KCS chauffeurs to handle luggage.
  • Due to cross contamination reading literature or complimentary mints will not be provided at this time. However fresh water will still be provided.
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